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We all know that it is hard to find the perfect outfit for a given event. How about if we take inspiration from the feathers in our feather dresses and give you an idea on how to make your outfit look great? The feather style is a clever mix between luxury, comfort, femininity, and freedom. White Feather dress, feather top or feather skirt… You will find your happiness here. This trend has been seen on the runway and on the streets of New York City. The feather look is a very simple one that can be pulled off at any time of year.

White Feather Dress, symbol of summer

White feather dress

The white feather dress is ideal for a fresh, tunic, and bright summer outfit, but it can also be worn all year round. Asymmetric, Long, short maxi, sequin or midi, its contrasting color enhances your golden complexion. In its ultra-light version, with thin straps, spaghetti-strap or even with long and feathered sleeves to protect you from the sun, it can be declined endlessly. With its fresh, feminine white hue. The feather white dress is reminiscent of the summer breeze. Pair with a pretty feather heels or stroppy sandals to complete your look this season. Perfect for girls and women, this ostrich feather dress is very elegant. It will be a fashion staple in your closet…

Feather Skirt

Fall for the feather skirt

To bring a little madness in his daily life, we adopt the white feather skirt. For a glamorous chic style, Feather skirt is the natural, modern and real material. It’s beautiful but elegant, making it a perfect addition to your party dress skirt. Pair this skirt dress with a chic top and heels for an effortlessly stylish look that will take you from day to night! Mini skirt or midi skirt or pleated skirt, the most important thing is to choose a feather skirt that you like, this will make your silhouette more beautiful.

Add some glam with the White Feather Top

Are you looking for a fabulously chic top to add to your wardrobe? Look no further than the White Feather Top. The white feather top is great for any occasion and will make a statement with its unique design, with Long-sleeve or even off shoulder it will make you feel like a star. It’s made of a soft and flattering, lightweight fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable, yet also add some glam. The feather crop top is really a glamorous piece to add to your outfit’s chic. With the hot sunshine and bright summer days, it’s the perfect time to wear one of these chic cropped pieces. The White Feather Top has a thin and light fabric that will keep you cool on hot summer days.

White Feather Top

Black feather dress is a popular fashion trend for spring

The black feather dress is a classic dress that’s worn by many women. It is considered to be the perfect choice for a party. Black feather dress is a popular fashion item, and it is also a very trendy dress. The dress has a long history, as it was worn by royalty and aristocrats in the past. These days, it is a popular item for women of all ages. The black feather dress is designed in the latest fashion trends and is a very comfortable and stylish item for women. It can be worn as a day dress, formal evening dress or on date night with your partner. A beautiful designer pair of shoes will match the elegance of the outfit perfectly. This article will help you choose your best feather dress from all the available brands in our online store, It can be paired with different jewelry and accessories to give you that ‘Black & Beautiful’ look. The black feather dress is a fashion trend that has been around for a few years now. It was first introduced by the famous singer Beyoncé in her song “Single Ladies”.

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Feathers are a type of plume, which is a group of feathers that are attached to the body of a bird. They’re used for insulation, and as decoration in their plumage. Feathers have been used for centuries in fashion and decoration. Feathered style is not only a fashionable way of dressing, it is also a real philosophy of Bohemian chic styled life, a state of mind that advocates freedom, travel and carefree living. Feather dress are always easy to wear, especially when it comes to the skirts portion of the dress. The beautiful stripes on a feather dress make it more achingly gorgeous than ever. To add some color and fun, why not go with pink? Never underestimate the power of bright colors on top of your feathers!
Feathers can be used to make head dresses, skirt, jumpsuits or pants They can also be made into jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces. Feathers are often seen in hippie chic style clothing. Come and lose yourself in our blogs dedicated to the feathers. You will find many tips to perfect your hippie chic style, ideas for feathered looks and the latest activewear trend not to be missed… but that’s not all!

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